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Tuite Baronet Coat of Arms


Coats of Arms were developed in the Middle Ages as a means of identifying warriors in battle and tournaments. All grants of arms are made to individuals (not all families of a given name) and pass only to their heirs, normally in the male line.


The Tuite Coat of Arms is documented in Burke’s General Armory. The description of the arms is as follows:


“Quarterly, GU. And AR.”


When translated the blazon also describes the original colours of the Tuite Arms as:


“Quartered, Red and Silver”

Above the shield and helmet is the crest, which is described as:


“An angel in silver vestment, the right hand holding a naturally coloured flaming sword, the left hand resting on a shield coloured and charged as the arms.”


Beneath the shield appears the motto:




The Landed Gentry